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          1. BOSIE is a unisex fast Fashion designer brand founded in 2018. The products are born in the collision of inspiration of our designers who graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, New York Fashion Institute, Parsons School of Design, and Marangoni Fashion Institute.

            bosie is a fast fashion designer brand that focuses on unisex, constantly exploring fashion that is suitable for both men and women. Through retro childlike fun and unique products, we can break the shackles and boundaries and show the innocence, seriousness, freedom and romance of adults.


            The bosie collboration we created is a group of like-minded “characters” we wish to encounter. At present, we found five buddies. The first one is a innocent and brave little prince, the second one is the warm and sunny Xia Mu, the third one is the shy and kind Jimmy, the fourth one is?the lovely healing Doraemon,last but not the least is the "loyal, brave and true" Mulan. We have decided to gather more friends together! Let bosie's borders get broader!


            The "Black" line, which stands for"Bad-Lab-And-Cold-Kids" is a diffusion line under bosie that is experimental and practical. It explores the possibilities of genderless culture and continuously injects its rebellious and captivating character into the modern laboratory.


            "Blue" is the eco-friendly line owned by bosie. "Blue" aims to explore the harmony between the environment and human beings, and a way of interaction where both parties respect each other. Having the environmental protection of raw materials and social responsibility in mind, we insist on using environmentally friendly raw materials with low consumption. In addition, research and reduce pollution manufacturing processes and produce renewable environmental protection products with low pollution to the environment.

            2021WINTER《La Vita è bella》

            The "Gray" line is a diffusion line which belongs to the genderless fashion brand bosie. Different from the romantic juvenile doctrine of bosie’s main line, the "Gray" line focuses to express the sharp and sober side of the new generation. Through calm, seriousness, in-depth thinking and exploration, the generation build a spiritual fortress in the bony reality. The "Gray" line will use multiple methods such as products, activities, video recording, and physical display to convey our reflection on the society and the idea of the future society.


            The virtual world is constantly integrated into real life, and the combination subverts traditional visual senses and artistic concepts. The "Purple" line wants to express the exploration of supernatural forces and mysterious universes by integrating the science fiction, the future and the unknown super-generation elements into the garments. In addition,it uses humorous language to reconcile the modern generation’s curious and fresh lifestyle.

            Dynamic, cutting-edge and integrative are the key words of the "Purple" line. It choose to build the integrated world view, break the boundaries between virtual and reality, and use rich colors and highly tensile patterns to match dynamic sports fashion styles to create clothing for the new generation.

            2021WINTER《Virtual Player》